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Energy Bars 12 Pack- PICHUBERRY

Energy Bars 12 Pack- PICHUBERRY

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Pichuberries are sweet-tart fruits native to South America. (Also known as Inca berries or Ground Cherries in Peru) Pichuberries have been cultivated for centuries in the Andean Mountains and were a favored food once consumed by the Incan nobility.

In the modern-day, the fruits are widely grown in home gardens in South America, seen as an ordinary, everyday ingredient, but in the US, the fruits are being touted as one of the newest superfoods!!

Pichuberries have a sour and tropical, pineapple-forward fragrance with a sweet, tart, and tangy taste! The fun & complex flavor of the fruit consists of notes of pineapple, tomato, citrus, guava, and strawberry, and also bears a floral finish!

Ingredients: Cashews*, Dates*, Coconut*, Pichuberries*, Pichuberry Powder*, Mesquite*, Maple Syrup*, Cacao Nibs*, Sea Salt Crystals*

Serving Size: 60g  

Servings per container: 1

Shelf Life: Store at room temperature for 6 months. Store in freezer for 1 year. 

(organic*, vegan, gluten free, soy free, peanut free, paleo, whole 30 approved) 

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